Trailer Axle Check

Your trailer axles are so important to pay attention to. If they are over stressed, out of alignment, rusted, or just passed their prime in age you could have big problems.

Axles can cause bad tire wear, bad bearing wear and bad suspension wear. And you may not even know they are.
Most people don’t know that axles on a trailer are not adjustable, so hitting a curb or a big pothole even can get them out of alignment and 9 out of 10 times they have to be replaced.

Axles are being made cheaper and cheaper these days, as most other things are, and just don’t hold up like they used to. Over loading your axles unintentionally does the most damage. Many people think that they can put bigger stronger tires on a trailer to help hold the load. This is not at all true, you still have an axle that is only rated for so much. And if it gets over loaded, something will give.

Check your axles for rust or signs of age, keep them clean and free from obstructions such as ropes that you may drive over. Something getting caught around your axles could be the beginning of the end. And if you know that you have run over something and the object hits the bottom of you trailer, it most likely hit your axle so beware.

The bad news is that because axles are not adjustable they are only replaceable. LTR can replace your axles for you. Regardless of what may have caused the damage, if they are bad than they
need to be replaced.

The other bad news is that it’s not an easy job to replace axles. There are a lot of things attached to the axles like springs, brakes, hubs, shocks and more.

Let LTR take the worry out of your axle issues. Click the picture above to schedule your service.