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Our Trailer Services

Legendary Trailer Repairs (LTR) stays current on the evolving mechanics of trailers and trailer parts, making us experts in trailer repairs of all makes, models and generations. We service trailers that haul boats, horses, lawn and landscaping equipment, utility and camping trailers.

Whether it’s a single trailer or a fleet of 20, LTR provides a thorough inspection and repair process, so every customer departs the shop knowing their trailer was reviewed by a trained and skilled mechanic.   

Below is a sampling of our services. If you have a repair or custom installation that isn’t listed below, please contact us. We always welcome a challenge.


Inspection: Maryland State Trailer Inspection Station #8692 Class T

Legendary Trailer Repairs (LTR) can inspect any trailer without air brakes and perform any necessary repairs at its facility in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The Maryland State Trailer Inspection process includes:

  • LTR will inspect your trailer according to the laws of the state of Maryland and will issue a PASS or FAIL report
  • If the trailer passes inspection, LTR will automatically send the report and certification to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), so the MVA has the inspection information when you arrive to secure your trailer tags
  • If the trailer fails inspection, LTR will share a report on the repairs needed and the cost associated with the repairs; you can authorize LTR to make the necessary repairs and we will re-inspect the trailer at no cost; or, you can take the trailer to make the repairs yourself or at another shop; if the repairs are conducted within 30 days, LTR is happy to re-inspect it at no cost

What information is needed when you make your inspection appointment?  Learn more.


Limited Emergency Mobile Service

Please call 410-349-3611 for availability and pricing.

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Services and Parts

Legendary Trailer Repairs performs safety inspections, repairs and regular maintenance on the following trailer parts and systems:

  • Axles
  • Brakes (Electric Drum and Hydraulic Drum and Disc Brakes)
  • Bearings
  • Class 1-4 Trailer Frame Hitches, including Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Hitches
  • Electrical
  • Floor Boards
  • Frame and Chassis
  • Jacks
  • Suspension
  • Sway Control
  • Tailgates
  • Weight Distribution

Throughout the past 24 years of business, we’ve identified the top trailer parts for ease of installation and dependability. We turn to the following brands to ensure every trailer we service has the best parts for the job.

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