Legendary Trailer Repair is a MD State Inspection Station


Maryland State Trailer Inspection Station #8692 Class T is now being operated by Legendary Trailer Repairs located at:

(410) 349-3611

Our Class T station allows us to inspect any trailer up to 10,000 lbs without airbrakes. Many other MD state trailer inspection stations can only inspect trailers up to 20 ft long. This causes problem for any customer with even a small boat.

At legendary Trailer Repairs’ MD state trailer inspection facility, we can not only inspect the trailer but do any needed repairs.

Many car dealerships or gas stations can inspect small trailers but do not like or have the skills to properly repair a trailer. So then you have to take it and have it repaired and then bring it back to them to re-inspect the trailer.

At Legendary Trailer Repairs’ MD state trailer inspection facility, we specialize in all aspects of the requirements of the MD state trailer inspection.
So here’s how an inspection works:

We are going to inspect your trailer according to the laws of the state of MD and issue you a PASS or FAIL report.

If the trailer passes than we will immediately send the report and information to the MVA via computer and when you go to the MVA they will have all the records that your trailer passed and you can get your tags.

If the trailer fails inspection, we are going to issue you a report on what fails and what it may take and cost to repair only what fails. If you authorize those repairs, we will make the repairs, and re-inspect the trailer at no cost and issue a PASS inspection to you and the MVA.

If you want to make the repairs elsewhere or yourself, you take the trailer away and bring it back within 30 days and have it re-inspected at no cost depending on what the fail was for. If the failed items were corrected than we will issue a pass report to you and the MVA.

What is not covered under MD state trailer inspections?

We have been in the business of making trailers safe for our customers for almost 20 years and we know right from wrong. That being said we also understand that our inspection of your trailer needs to go a bit deeper than what the politicians say is safe. If we see something that may give you problems in the near future or we feel is unsafe than we will tell you about it and give you the option to have us change that problem or maybe you want to do it yourself.

Please understand that we cannot and will not fail a trailer because of our “opinion” and we will not try to “up sell you something you don’t need.”

For Instance: Tires can only be failed of they meet a minimum tread wear and or have obvious damage or severe dry dot. But many tires that pass the state minimums are very unsafe for long distance travel. We will let you know that.

If your wheel bearings sound OK, but have grease thrown all over the underside of your trailer, we cannot fail them but we might recommend pulling them apart to be sure they are good and change the grease and seals inside the hub. If you don’t want them serviced than we will still issue a PASS on those bearings and you can deal with any future issues when you feel the need.

When you call our facility you will be asked a few of the following questions to help us gauge your needs and how your trailer might fare during our inspection.

#1 Are the VIN (Vehicle Identification Numbers) numbers legible? This means that they can be easily read and understood? The numbers are most likely on a sticker or plate placed on the trailer by the manufacturer and normally in the front of the trailer frame. If we cannot read the VIN numbers than we cannot inspect the trailer and you will need to take your title to the MVA to get new numbers. We will be happy to explain more about this when you call.

#2 Do all of your lights work. And this means ALL of the lights. We will be looking for running lights, turn signals, brake lights, tag lights and for trailer over a certain width, ID lights. These are the three in the center.

#3 Are your safety chains in good shape and properly connected?

#4 Does your coupling device lock properly?

#5 Are your tires in good shape?

There are many other things that we will look for but these are a few that you the customer can look to see right away.